Monday, January 18, 2010

Vikings vs. Spartans

This is my first post so lets start off with a real bang! Both sides have good arguments but lets break it down to really get some truth about who is superior. The Vikings are known as Barbarians who were big, strong savages. There weapons were spears, knives, axes, bows&arrows, and shields. Vikings saw hand to hand combat to be far stronger than any other means during battle. Vikings used horses very little in battle but instead they used them mostly for means of travel along with their great ships by sea. It was preferred to fight on foot during war because of their weapon skills and strength. Vikings did wear armor but the better constructed armor/weapons were given and used by leaders or others within the village who were wealthier. They didn't appear to be overly intelligent or fight with a lot of smarts. Most Vikings would fight with simple tactics which consisted of a line of shields in the front and spears as support in the rear. They would throw the spears over their front lines and use the shields in front as cover. Vikings were extremely strong in most cases so they could heave spears long distances and hit targets accurately. The biggest battle tactic they used was known as "svinfylking" (boar formation) which they used to overpower and break through enemy lines. They believed that if you eliminate the enemies leader the army below him will fall. The Vikings fought to provide for the village and to display strength. Of course there is much more to the Vikings warfare, but I'm just highlighting the main things necessary for this discussion.

Now for the Spartans, they were known for being Warriors. They lived a life of combat and ideals which pushed them to be 2nd only to the gods who they praised. The Spartans were all trained to be warriors no matter their size or stature. All citizens including women and children were taught to fight and would protect the city at all costs. There weapons were shields, spears, and swords. Spartans fought with great technique and skill. They would use wit to outsmart their opponent despite whatever challenge they faced. On foot and by land was the main way that all Spartans fought because they only used ships to travel and had a very weak navy. The Spartans were known for their Phalanx Formation which was a group of soldiers combining shields and spears to battle. Spartans would train constantly and use the discipline they were raised upon to beat most opponents. They wore armor made of bronze usually placed on the abdomen, legs, arms, and head. Not all members of the city could afford the armor so they would make cheaper armor (not as protective) so most citizens could obtain it. Spartans defended their settlements with their life (including their women) and accepted no defeat. They were known for their loyalty and uniforms which they wore in battle (Red Tunic and Shiny Armor). Again there is so much that can be said about the Spartans and their lifestyle, but I am keeping it brief to only give information necessary for this discussion.

Now the question that lies in front of us is who is superior? Not who is superior in their way of life or who won more battles in history, but Who would win in an all out battle...Vikings or Spartans? Don't just think about the myths or movies you have seen but really allow yourself to make a smart decision on who would win in a WAR? Of course they were alive at different times and lived in different areas in the world, but all I am here to find out is who would still be standing if these two civilizations were to Battle to the Death?

To be completely honest I can't even say who would win because it would be such a good fight. I think Vikings are powerful and crazy, but I love the Spartans. It such a hard decision because they both bring so much to the table when it comes down to overall warfare. Definitely interested in what everyone has to say on this discussion. Help me pick a the superior side in this Epic Battle!


  1. The Vikings were simply just a band of barbarians and would loose against the well disciplined ranks of the Spartan army. Spartans would be the victors. There wouldn’t we much of a competition because for the Spartans it didn’t matter if they were in close ranks or if the odds were equal or against legions from all over the world, they were the master of battle. Spartan society was built on the basis of its military strength and nothing else. The healthiest young Spartans who survived childhood began their training at a young age as well as education. Battle was always on their mind and they were the only people who would fight to the death rather than retreat or surrender in every conflict.

    The only advantage that the Vikings might have over the Spartans would be if they could catch the Phalanx in the rear on its non-shielded flank. The Spartan formation would have difficulty changing front to meet an unexpected threat. In a frontal assault, the Vikings would have to find a way to get under the pikes and engage a hand-to-hand but I don’t see the Spartans breaking, or the individual fighting Viking making it through 8 to 12 ranks in the Phalanx.

    The Vikings were more focused on pillaging, fighting Monks, farmers and small villages. The Spartans were Worriers.

  2. I like Spartans because the remind me of my boyfriend ;)

  3. I hear what your saying, but I have to come back and say that you can't count out the Vikings because they were very strong themselves. I mean they had a great navy and also were very well rounded in many categories of warfare. Maybe not as strong as the Spartans in every aspect but the Vikings could hold there own in a battle. Lets be real and say we all know that not every Spartan had ripped abs, maybe their armor but not them. The Spartans were unbeatable in the movie 300 until they were flanked, but again how accurate are movies. The movies are trying to keep you interested and we all know that some things in history are not that intersting. The Vikings were smart with some things like when they attacked weaker opponents (which in turn made them grow in size). If they fought a stronger opponent they would use there many different tactics to balance the battle strenghts. I think people watch the movie 300 and make their decision without even considering the Vikings. I will be honest and say I would have wanted to be a Spartan (I mean who wouldn't want to be), but when it comes down to real life the Vikings would be a tough opponent. They had strong men/women who might not be as skilled in battle formations but it would still hurt to get hit by big warrior. Vikings were ruthless and knew fighting because thats what they did to survive, granted the Spartans also knew fighting. But they didn't do it to gain food or provide for their everyday life, the Vikings did. Another concept that comes into play is weather, terrain, and amount of people. There so many things but if I had to pick I would say the Vikings might lay the smack down on the Spartans. Its just like the NFL though, any given sunday a team can win or in this case any battle/war.